The Program

The Track and Field program is undergoing a tremendous amount of positive change and progress towards building a strong future for the program.  This year the two programs have been united under the direction of a single head coach, Ben McGinnis. The program coaching staff consists of seven Event Coaches. The combined program consists of 96 athletes, all of which will be specializing with their specific Event Coach. 

Indoor conditioning and competition takes place from December until Outdoor season begins in March.  

Outdoor conditioning begins during the second week of February.  Indoor is not required for Outdoor competition and exists only for athletes that are not participating in a winter sport.

The SFDTF program is driven by understanding that it takes three things to compete successfully. These three things are; Faith, Focus, and Finish.

Coaching Staff

Tim Jewett  Co-Head Coach  Contact:

Tim Jewett
Co-Head Coach


Ben McGinnis  Co-Head Coach  Contact:

Ben McGinnis
Co-Head Coach



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